Mini Militia Wall Hack

The mini militia wall hack will make you fly through the walls in the game play. This mini militia wall hack contains various interesting features along with unlimited powers. It also contains extra maps that will help in improving your game play skills.

Mini militia wall hack also includes unlimited jetpack. The unlimited jetpack enables you fly nonstop through the walls. Also, while you fly you can fire unlimited bullets towards your opponents.

We have enlisted down some of the incredible features that will be included in this mini militia wall hack. These features are as follows:

  • CTF mode

In this mini militia wall hack the CTF mode is included. In the pervious version there was no CTF mode. CTF mode allows you to carry opponents flag to yours respawn point.

  • Unlimited Ammo

You get unlimited Ammo in this mini militia invisible mod. The guns and the grenades used in this mod are unlimited.

  • Gravity Independent feature

This enables you to stay into the space without falling. Even if you don’t have jet pack you still can be in space by enabling this feature.

  • Transparent Bushes

The transparent bushes feature allows you to make the bushes transparent. While playing the game suppose you opponent hides behind the bushes then you can easily see him by enabling this incredible feature.

  • Dual bullet shots

Enabling this feature allows you to fire two shots simultaneously. You can even fire while you are flying or while you are in space.

  • Ghost Mode

The wall hack is also called as the Ghost mod, this is because ghosts can penetrate walls alike the avatars.

  • No more reloading

It’s so much time consuming to reload your gun but once you enable this feature you no need to reload the gun again.

  • No more Root Required

You don’t need root access to play this game. You just need to install the mini militia invisible mod and start playing.

With so many features you are sure to get an incredible performance while playing the game. There are much more features added to this.

The installation of the mini militia wall hack is easy. We have listed down the step below:

  1. You need to uninstall the Doodle Army 2: mini militia game(official) from your device completely. Find the option of uninstall game on your mobile phone. You can also use third party software to uninstall/remove the game completely.
  2. After removing the game you need to download the mini militia wall hack version from the link below
  3. After downloading install the mod and select allow the app to install from settings
  4. After the installation has been done you need to disconnect your mobile phone from the internet.
  5. Then the option panel will be displayed now just try to connect to internet. One connected you are ready.
  6. Now just open the game as you normally open any other game and start playing

We hope you like this article related to mini militia wall hack. If you have any question or doubt’s, then comment down below or contact us.

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