Mini Militia God Mod Apk *latest* (Updated Version)

Mini Militia God is a free 2D shooter game to play for users which were released for iOS And Android devices. This game was released for ios devices on date April 5, 2011, and on Google Play for Android on date March 18, 2015. The developer of this game is Appsomniacs LLC.

Mini Militia god mod apk is the supreme powerful mod of game Mini Militia. It is an individual part of game Doodle 2. This mod version which contains all the powers of all mod i.e. all in one. There is no need to download different mods for the variety of purposes. Here, I am listing some exclusive and magnificent features of Mini Militia god mod:-

No problem of reloading

In this Mini Militia god mod apk there is no issue of reloading your weapon. This will result in saving your time from reloading it, again and again, every then and now. There will be automatic reloading of your weapon.

Killing with one shot

In this Mini Militia god mod apk you can kill your enemy with your one shot or move only. There is no need of wasting your time and your bullets while playing if you can shoot him with your one shot only. Indeed it is one of the brilliant features of game Mini Militia.

7 times zoom

One of the best features of game Mini Militia. Through this, you can locate the position of your opponent by zooming about seven times the original and normal view. And there is no concern related to weapons you are using in the game.

Use of red line for targeting

If you are a newcomer in this famous game of Mini Militia and you are facing issue while shooting your enemy . This feature will turn into a boon for you. The red line target feature will make easy for you to target your enemy. Indeed it is the exclusive feature which makes the game more attractive and entertaining for the game players.